• The head of architectural studioKareva Svetlana
  • Project managerKozhinskaya Taisiya
  • Technical directorKozhinsky Anton

Architectural studio Kareva & Ko project was founded in 2011 by Svetlana Kareva & Anton and Taisiya Kozhinskiy. Kareva & Ko project is a combination of fresh ideas and years of experience.


 In 2002 Svetlana was the head of Eastern interiors, furniture and decorative items gallery "Zen-Art" . Interiors of this gallery participated in numerous exhibitions. During this period a lot of design projects in different styles were created and implemented. Unique author furniture items exhibited in the gallery became art objects at international exhibitions and part of implemented design projects.

 In 2004 gathered experience in design inspired Svetlana to write and publish the book "Designer s Eastern Diary".

 In 2007 Svetlana started the most creative part of her career. She left the gallery and started working as a private designer focusing on individual customer approach.

 In 2010 Svetlana met congenial souls a family of young architects Anton and Taisiya Kozhinskiye. At the time they had been studying in Moscow Architectural Institute and had already been architects with bright, modern, and unexpected ideas. That s when collaboration started. In just one year they implemented more than 30 residential and commercial projects where Svetlana, Taisiya and Anton complemented each other perfectly and were not only colleagues, but good friends and mates for life. Similar views in architecture and design, creative thinking allowed them to revise approaches to creativity and work out an individual style of work.

 In 2011 they made a decision to create their own architectural studio Kareva & Ko project with the focus on an individual approach to the client supplemented by professional teamwork. Since that Kareva & Ko project has been a solid team with an enormous amount of non-standard implemented projects that changed the consciousness of clients and became an integral part of their lives. Today in addition to the implementation of design projects, architectural studio Kareva & Ko project is developing and producing designer furniture. Publishing of the book "TOWNHOUSES" is due 2014. It is a collection of completed projects in a modern and trendy way of housing. Every member of the team does not miss the opportunity of constant creative and professional development. Both Anton and Taisiya Kozhinskiye are getting ready to get scientific degrees of Masters of Architecture. 


 "When the customer knows and most importantly can put into words what he would like to get from the architect - that makes the best projects. If the customer lacks this, he shall trust professionals. Compromises are not always appropriate. Also one must understand that sketches and 3d visualization are only a small percentage of what the client will get at the end of the project. The main part is in the mind of the architect. Looking at the picture of Tenerife Concert Hall and visiting it is not the same thing! Trust us without interfering with the processes and great results are guaranteed!" 


 "My favorite question that people often ask architects and designers to find out what kind of professionals they are is What is your favorite style? Architect? Building? At first I tried to answer this. Frankly, I never succeeded in it. And the other day I realized why. Firstly, it is impossible not to admire the eternal and perfect. If an architect created a brilliant space, and designer made a brilliant interior, it does not matter what style it is, what instrument they used. It is fascinating. Secondly, to me design and architecture is time. Our sacred duty as architects is to keep up with time, and if you have professionalism and fresh ideas - go ahead of the curve. I love hi-tech, loft, art deco, and classics, most importantly is to remember where we are now and how classics should look like in the 21st century..."


 "Once I was surfing the Internet and found Thomas Heatherwick s quotation Work of architects and designers is to change people s perception . These words are the very essence of my own thoughts."



our team - combination of many year experience and fresh ideas